Machine Monitoring

DAQuery machine monitoring software provides real-time insights with live data feeds, custom dashboards, event and alarm notifications, and in-depth production reports to drive improvements at every level of your manufacturing process 

DAQuery machine monitoring software custom Dashboard

Collect Real-Time Machine Data

Collect real-time machine data from connected PLCs and RTUs with open database connectivity and TCP/IP protocols.

Display and Interact with Information

Display actionable information in the form of customizable trends, tables, reports, and dashboards.

Analyze and Optimize

Analyze manufacturing data and equip operators to make data-driven decisions to improve production performance.



DAQuery provides production and machine monitoring capabilities to allow manufacturers to both visualize and optimize their manufacturing performance. DAQuery is designed to be a lightweight system that is easy to integrate and use in any manufacturing environment. Simply connect DAQuery to a network, and the system will display all available device tags to collect data from and create reports. New tags can also be added if required.

To give users full control over how they interact with their data, our machine monitoring software offers user-customizable dashboards that can display various data sets, such as OEE metrics, cycle trends, production reports, system alarms, and live data feeds. DAQuery can also be accessed from a computer, phone, tablet, television, and HMI screen.


Manufacturing Data Visualized.
Performance Optimized.

Trend Builder

Visualize and Compare Your Manufacturing Data and Events

Gain greater insight into your production performance and track events with the DAQuery trend builder. Enable users to easily create and stylize charts measuring individual or multiple data tags and events. Change the line color, line width, and data point style for even greater visibility.

Events & Alarms

Get Notified Immediately and Reduce Machine Downtime When Abnormal Conditions Occur

Create custom event and alarm triggers to notify you via email or text whenever abnormal conditions occur within your production process. With DAQuery alerts, operators can take immediate action to diagnose issues and reduce machine downtime, waste, and costs. Customize events and alarm triggers to notify the right person for each situation.
DAQuery Phone Alert

Live Data

Analyze Production Performance in Real-Time with Live Data Feeds

DAQuery machine monitoring software transmits live data feeds directly from integrated equipment and PLCs using open database connectivity (ODBC) and transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). DAQuery can also integrate with 3rd party software to acquire and log an array of device data.

Dashboard Builder

Increase Production Visibility and Equip Operators with the Data they need to make Informed Decisions.

Monitor every aspect of your line or machine’s performance with DAQuery’s custom dashboard builder. Display events, alarms, charts, metrics, and machine status all at once. Add up to 4 columns and rows for a total of 16 dashboard components simultaneously visible on screen.

Instant Chat

Collaborate to Solve Issues and Keep the Workforce Informed

DAQuery’s built in chat function enables instant communication across team members to collaborate on tasks and solve problems, as well as share ideas and information. With public and private chat options, communications can either be shared with everyone or just the person involved.


In-depth Reports Compare Actual Performance Against Goals and Expectations

DAQuery includes various production and event reports providing an in-depth view of overall production performance, event and alarm duration, and downtime tracking. Discover where bottlenecks are occurring and what is generating the most downtime to determine the best action for improving performance.

Production Metrics

Eliminate Paper Print-outs of Recipes and Schedules with the Production Metrics Dashboard

Record machine runtime, downtime reasoning, production output, schedules, and batch data with DAQuery’s metrics dashboard. View key performance indicators, such as machine performance and efficiency. Finally eliminate paper print-outs and manual recipe inputs at every workstation. 





$ Contact us for Pricing
  • Core i3 Mini PC - 8GB RAM, 500GB HD
  • Data Recording
  • Trending
  • Events & Alarms
  • Reporting
  • SQL Express
  • 10GB Data Storage & OS
  • 1-Year Support & Maintenance
  • 1 Connection


$ Contact us for Pricing
  • Core i5 Mini PC - 16GB RAM, 500GB HD
  • Data Recording
  • Trending
  • Events & Alarms
  • Reporting
  • SQL Server
  • 500GB Data Storage & OS
  • 1-Year Support & Maintenance
  • 5 Connections
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • Batch, Downtime, & Production Metrics


$ Contact us for Pricing
  • Core i7 Mini PC - 16GB RAM, 1TB HD
  • Data Recording
  • Trending
  • Events & Alarms
  • Reporting
  • SQL Server
  • 1 TB Data Storage & OS
  • 2-Year Support & Maintenance
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • Batch, Downtime, & Production Metrics


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