Executive Team

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Todd Busby

Todd has been with Process for over 25 years serving at every role from panel builder to engineer to sales.  As President, Todd has taken the company into several new industries, acquired a world class facility, and doubled the company's size.  Todd grew up in the area and is a husband and Father of three, often serving as their baseball or soccer coach. Todd's passion is hunting and fishing in Eastern Washington. Todd has always supported youth sports programs in the area.
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Kevin Orr

Executive Vice President

Kevin has been with Process for over 22 years serving as engineer, engineering manager, and as the company's first Executive Vice President. Kevin has led our food processing division into one of the most respected in the country. Kevin works regularly with executives from the top food machinery OEM's and producers in the country. Kevin is a devoted husband, father, and enjoys international travel.


David Crumpley

Chief Operating Officer
David has been with Process for over 10 years as a Senior Engineer and Vice President leading our Water/Wastewater division.  Recently, David moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer and is leading initiatives to modernize and increase the efficiency of Process Solutions' internal systems and procedures.

David is a highly experienced and knowledgeable electrical engineer with a broad experience base.  He has proven himself to be an invaluable contributor and leader, quickly driving his division to substantial revenue while assisting on company wide projects. David enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid outdoors man.

Steve Pelton

Vice President of Sales
Steve is in his 15th year at Process Solutions serving as Sales Engineer, Sales Director, and recently named Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Along with driving Sales efforts he is leading our newly formed Energy Management and Refrigeration Division.  Steve's background is in mechanical engineering; however, he has been in controls marketing and management most of his career.  Steve's passions include mountain biking, golf, and traveling with his family.

Vaclav Mydlil

Director of Energy Management and Refrigeration
Vaclav leads the energy management and refrigeration division at Process Solutions. Vaclav brings 15 years of experience in power demand management and refrigeration control systems, with a focus on PLC and cloud-based systems. Vaclav holds a Master of Science degree with a specialization in control systems and electrical engineering from the University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. In his free time, Vaclav enjoys kayaking, snow skiing, and woodworking, as well as spending time with his wife and three kids.