A Year of Community Service: 2018

A Year of Community Service: 2018

With 2018 now in the rearview mirror, we can begin to reflect on the many ways Process Solutions employees gave back to their communities in the past year, as well as look forward to new opportunities to lend a helping hand in 2019.

In January of 2018, Process Solutions announced the Employee Volunteer Program, which gave employees an extra PTO day to specifically be used for community service. Throughout 2018, employees have been participating in the program by volunteering their time and money in and around their communities in a drive to help those in need and create a clean, safe, and healthy environment for themselves and their fellow community members.

In this post we would like to take the time to recognize the numerous ways Process Solutions employees gave back to their communities in 2018 through photos from each of their volunteer days, along with a short description of their various tasks:

Trash Clean-up

This employee volunteered in his community by cleaning up litter discarded around the Stanwood community.

Cleaning and Greeting at the Stanwood-Camano Arts Guild

This Process Solutions employee volunteered her time at the Stanwood-Camano Arts Guild where she assisted with greeting visitors, watering plants, wiping down tables, and sweeping and dusting the showroom.

Fish & Wildlife Duck Blinds

These Process Solutions employees volunteered with The Department of Fish and Wildlife to build two duck blinds on game island in Conway, WA. The employees helped cut corn stalks to create clearings for the blinds, drive fence posts, carry out and place platforms, and camouflage the blinds with wire and the previously cut corn stalks.

Trash Clean-up

This employee volunteered in his community by cleaning up litter discarded around the Arlington Airport

Trash Clean-up

This employee volunteered in his community by cleaning up litter discarded around the Arlington Airport

Soccer Team Head Coach

This sports loving employee volunteers his time as the head coach of his son’s recreational soccer team in Lake Stevens. The team’s name is the Thunderbolts and their record over the past three years is an outstanding 24 wins - 4 losses - 2 ties. This employee has been spending 7 hours per week with the team over the last 5 months.

“It has been a blast teaching kids this wonderful sport”

Elementary School PTSA Volunteer

This employee volunteered at an Elementary School for the PTSA as a 1st week coordinator. The employee helped direct students to specific line-up location on the playground to be used for emergency evacuation situations. He also helped make, repair, and replace the signs that are used to help direct the students to their classes’ assigned location.

Camano Island Animal Shelter

This Process Solutions employee volunteered at the Camano Animal Shelter, where she helped walk and socialize the resident dogs. Pictured is the employee with her favorite furry friend from the shelter, Lilly, who is a 12-year-old American Pitbull Terrier mix.

Field Trip Chaperone

This employee volunteered as a chaperone for his daughter’s school field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA.

Beach Clean-up

This employee volunteered by cleaning up the beach at Camano Island State Park and at the Iverson Trail Preserve. The employee's efforts resulted in over two bags worth of trash being removed from the beach.

“Plastics in particular have placed a heavy burden on the ecosystems. Large pieces break down in the turbulent waters, salt, and sun. Once the plastic is small enough, it is often mistaken for food by the local wildlife. Unable to pass, these items build up inside the animal after being ingested, eventually stopping digestion. The plastics will then be released if the creature dies and decomposes, or it will move up the food chain if it’s consumed”

Stanwood-Camano Fair Volunteer

This employee and her son volunteered at the Stanwood Camano Fair Information booth. The Stanwood Camano Fair is the Largest Community Fair in Washington State and dates back to 1932. Over 300 Volunteers work in coordination with the Fair Manager to run the 3-day event

Stanwood-Camano Food Bank

This employee served his community by volunteering at the Stanwood Camano Food Bank on Senior Service Day. The employee helped stock shelves and distribute food to senior citizens, as well as help people load their groceries into their cars.

Condor Flights

This employee volunteered by helping fly 9 young California Condors from Boise, Idaho where they were hatched and raised, to their new homes at Pinnacles National Park in California, as well as other
California locaions.

“The birds were transported in covered crates, to minimize human contact and reduce stress. To fit the crate into the plane we needed to remove the passenger seats. Our bird was quiet until we ran into turbulence, then it made quite a fuss. It was quiet after landing, and purred as it was unloaded by the NPS personnel."

Field Trip Chaperone

This employee volunteered by being a chaperone for his son’s school field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA.

Chaperone for Marching Band Spokane Trip

This employee and his wife chaperoned their daughter’s 3-day Marching Band trip to Spokane, WA. The Marching Band and Drill Team consisted of 250 students (6th 7th, and 8th grade). The employee assisted as a safety monitor, loaded and unloaded equipment, food, and water, and also assisted with food services and uniform checks.

Classroom Volunteering

This employee volunteered at an Elementary School and helped 1st grade students build leprechaun traps.

Field Trip Chaperone

This employee volunteered by chaperoning a group of 4 kids on a school field trip to the Washington State Corn Maze at Swan Trail Farms In Snohomish.

National Assembly of the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul

This employee attended the nation assembly of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which is a catholic charity that offers person-to-person assistance to those who are needy and suffering. The employee participated in a three day workshop where he received training and tools to increase the capacity to help others and grow spiritually. The employee was also the presenter for the Hispanic-Latino Task Force.

Volunteers of America

This employee volunteered at the Volunteers of America Trailside Preschool in Everett, WA. The employee helped with general cleaning of the preschool grounds, drilling holes in tractor tires on the playground to help them drain, and organizing the storage shed to make room for a large collection of children’s books.

Charity Texas Hold ‘em Dealer

This employee volunteered by dealing cards at the 12th annual Poker and Pumpkins charity Texas Hold ‘em game. The event is held each year to raise funds for the Stanwood-Camano Community Resource Center. This year the event raised over $35,000.

Trash Clean-up

This employee volunteered by cleaning up litter discarded around the Stanwood community.

Helping Hands

This employee volunteered at Helping Hands in Bothell where she assisted with receiving,tagging, and distributing donated clothing.

Company-Wide Initiatives

In addition to individual volunteering efforts, Process Solutions employees also banded together to donate toys and money to charities and shelters within the Stanwood-Camano community:

The Caring Place

During the weeks leading up to the annual Process Solutions holiday party, employees donated new, unused toys to the Stanwood Caring Place. The toys will be given to children in need throughout the Stanwood-Camano community

Stanwood-Camano Food Bank

During the annual Process Solutions holiday party, employees donated $2,465 to the Stanwood-Camano Food Bank to help purchase food items to be distributed to those in need.

Camano Animal Shelter Association

During the week of the annual Process Solutions Holiday party, various tournaments were held with $20.00 buy-ins. All proceeds from these tournaments went to the Camano Animal Shelter Association and came in at a total of $560.00.

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