Industrial Refrigeration
Control Systems

With integrated energy management features, such as demand control and demand response, Airixa can reduce your energy usage and provide a significant return on investment through lowering your utility bills.


Efficiency measures, such as VFD speed control, optimize efficiency without compromising system performance.​


Airixa hardware and software systems are designed to be easily scalable and work with any size facility or application.


Limit utility peak charges with power demand control, and generate revenue with demand response capabilities.​


Technology Platform for Industrial Refrigeration

Airixa is a technology platform for industrial refrigeration control systems with integrated energy and demand management features. With Airixa, companies can reduce peak power demands and run their facilities at optimal energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Process Solutions designed Airixa as a non-proprietary system utilizing both Siemens hardware and software components. By creating a non-proprietary system, Airixa has greater availability of parts while also being more reliable and easier to maintain.

Demand Management Features:

  • Demand Control – Reduce peak demand charges.
  • Demand Response – Generate revenue by participating in utility’s DR events, including DRAS.
  • Adaptive demand limits (Setpoint learning).
  • User-selected load reduction priorities.
  • Dynamic operation priorities based on production metrics and constraints.
  • Equipment system start-up sequencing.
  • Detailed energy, demand, and reduction monitoring of individual loads.
  • Available load sub-metering.
  • Support for multiple utility accounts within one facility.
  • Production Reports

Refrigeration Efficiency Features

Airixa industrial refrigeration control systems have built-in efficiency features, such as condenser floating discharge pressure and evaporator fan VFD speed control, to reduce energy consumption without compromising the operational performance of your facility and equipment. Compressor optimization with staging, sequencing and floating suction pressure control creates a highly efficient system with greater reliability.


Demand control provides users with intelligent peak load control, enabling the ability to avoid system demand peaks and the energy expenses that come with them. With demand response, loads can be monitored and automatically controlled to better match the demand for power with the supply. Through Airixa, companies can reduce demand charges by 10-40%, and significantly lower their utility bill.


For Airixa, Process Solutions envisioned an industrial refrigeration control system as modern and connected as the world around it. Therefore, we built in user access via web browser from any internet connection, as well as multi-user system log in. Airixa also keeps you connected on the go with native iOS and Android apps.


Airixa displays accurate facility and systems information with the built-in SCADA package. The SCADA package provides graphic visualization, data collection, system analysis, and the ability to conduct full system audits compliant with food safety requirements of the FDA CFR 21 part 11.

Further standard features include alarming, email notifications, system health heartbeat emails, and logging and trending of historical values and events and automatic data backup. Simultaneous multi-user access is also standard in all installations.

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