Artificial Intelligence Meets the Industrial Plant Floor

Artificial Intelligence Meets the Industrial Plant Floor

Technological advances are occurring at a rapid pace, with artificial intelligence leading the way. AI has made its way into robotics, self-driving cars, and even our smart phones. Where AI has yet to establish a major presence; however, is in the industrial environment. With AI already changing the products we produce, it is logical to allow AI to also change the way we produce them. AI provides the world with a modern frontier, filled with possibilities that can change the way we look at industrial operations.

At Process Solutions, we are exploring this new frontier, searching for ways to revolutionize the way industries operate. Enter the Process Solutions Information Systems Group, and their initiatives to bring AI to industrial control. For months, the group has been developing artificial intelligence that is aimed at providing information on equipment operations. The goal of this information is to help the involved parties understand how effectively and efficiently their systems are operating, as well as provide recommendations on what options are available to increase performance. In essence, the AI has the ability to present data on both what the machine is doing and what the machine is capable of, as understandable information.

The head of Process Solutions’ Information Systems Group, Mark Hanks, described the new AI as, “giving your system a voice to be heard. Every machine in a system has a story to tell from the past and the present. The story is about your effectiveness as an operator, and how to go about improving the system.”

Process Solutions’ AI is already beginning to expand its knowledge as it makes its way into select facilities and industries across the globe. In the coming months, the goal is to expand the AI into new industries, and provide manufacturers everywhere with a way to revolutionize how they operate their facilities. Stay tuned for more…

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