Custom Control Panel Manufacturing

With over 30 years of experience and a proven history of success over hundreds of projects, we know what it takes to build control panels with industry-leading quality while keeping you on schedule and within budget. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure you are always informed, and your panels are designed and built to meet your exact specifications.

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Quality Craftsmanship & Components

We manufacture custom control panels designed and built to meet your exact specifications. We focus on providing quality craftsmanship throughout the entire build process, and only use the best components from our trusted suppliers. This results in clean and organized wiring, clearly labeled wires and devices, well though-out panel layouts, and systems that will be supported for years. Whether you need a simple push button station, or a large multi-door controls cabinet, Process Solutions can provide a high-quality solution that meets all your requirements.


We will work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your project and formulate a step-by-step plan to ensure your panels are built correctly and delivered on-schedule. Our engineering team utilizes 3D panel modeling techniques and specialized tooling to reduce design and build times and maintain consistent quality across projects.

UL Control Panel SHOP

Design and fabrication of UL508A, 698A, and 1203, industrial control panels, and UL1604 control panels for use in hazardous locations.

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Our large UL control panel shop, specialized tooling, and experienced engineers means no project is too big, small, or complex for us to handle.

Electrical Design Services

Comprehensive electrical design services with AutoCAD generated drawings packages and thorough documentation.

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  • Comprehensive electrical and mechanical design
  • Enclosure and back panel cutouts and drill/tapping
  • Panel assembly and wiring
  • UL panel listing
  • Full system schematics and documentation
  • Quality inspection and thorough testing procedures
  • System commissioning and training
  • Technical support and system maintenance
  • Build-To-Print and OEM control panel manufacturing

Project Analysis

Define the scope of the project, including client goals, required panel functionality, install environment and electrical requirements. Develop a quote based on the project scope.

Design & Document

Determine the necessary components, as well as enclosure type and size. Design the electrical system, panel layout, and user interfaces. Create electrical drawings, safety warnings, and user documentation.

Assembly & Wiring

Enclosure and back panel milling, panel layout and assembly, wiring, labeling, and programming. Our highly skilled control panel builders and specialized tooling allows us to offer fast turnaround times on projects.

Quality Inspection

Thorough testing and inspection of all components, interfaces, wiring, and programs. UL control panel listing. Client training and continued support as needed.

Build-To-Print Control Panels

We offer build-to-print control panel manufacturing services for clients with pre-designed schematics. Our build-to-print services include updating and optimizing panel designs, purchasing components, panel assembly and wiring, quality inspection, thorough system testing, and updating all documentation. Our team of experienced control panel builders and our specialized tooling allows us to offer fast turnaround times while maintaining industry leading quality standards.

OEM Control Panel Manufacturing

Process Solutions works closely with OEMs to design custom control panels to match their unique requirements. We heavily invest in our OEM partnerships to ensure long term success. Process Solutions has numerous long-standing relationships with large OEMs that we have supported for years. Our OEM control panels can be designed for any application or environment, as well as for scalability, budget, or to fit within certain space constraints.

Enclosure & Panel Custom Cutouts

As part of our control panel build services, we offer precision enclosure and back panel milling using our automated milling machine. Cutouts can be created in any shape or size on all sides of an enclosure or back panel. Our automated mill makes clean and accurate cutouts in steel, stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass. There are no minimum order requirements and our mill can accommodate enclosure dimensions up to 88″ x 88″ x 94.”

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