Leverage real-time data from all your lines and machines to ensure product quality, reduce bottlenecks, and pass your next audit with ease.


Built for simplicity so you can focus on the data

DAQuery is a plug-and-play production monitoring system that can connect to all equipment types quickly and easily to provide complete production visibility with detailed reports, instant alarm notifications, and informative dashboards

Instead of hiring an integrator or IT firm to set up a complex software platform, connect the included DAQuery Data Cube to your network via Ethernet, and the system will automatically discover all available devices and their corresponding data points. From there, select the devices you want to monitor, and DAQuery will automatically begin collecting real-time data from your machines. No specialized training required, and the system can be monitoring your equipment within minutes. 

No Monthly or Annual License Fees

You will never be required to pay monthly or annual license fees for your DAQuery production monitoring system. Simply select the features that fit your goals, the number of device connections you need, and with systems starting at just $2,990, you will only have to make one small payment for the lifetime of your system.

Real-Time Production Visibility

Pinpoint where bottlenecks occur & prove the quality of your products with data.

Monitor your production performance in real-time and discover where inefficiencies and waste are occurring in your operations. Make extended downtime a thing of the past with instant alerts and downtime tracking to help quickly diagnose problems and get your equipment back up and running. Display live and historical data with trends, tables, and reports for in-depth analysis to help make better informed decisions.

Flexible Browser-Based Production Monitoring System

Scalable & lightweight software that can be accessed from any internet capable device.

DAQuery’s flexible browser-based interface provides ease-of-use while maintaining the power and capability you need for the collection and in-depth analysis of your production data. Accessible from any network connected device, you can display your custom dashboards on screens across your facility with a secure URL to provide operators complete production visibility. The days of complicated and restrictive software applications are over.

All The Apps You'll Need

Tools to keep you informed on every aspect of your operations


Custom Dashboards

Combine your charts, tables, images and more on a dashboard and display it on multiple screens across your facility.

Events & Alarms

Reduce downtime and be alerted immediately when defined events or problems occur.

Live Trends

Increase visibility and discover bottlenecks with custom trends displaying real-time machine data.


Be informed with detailed reports, including downtime, production, batch, and more.


CFR 21.11 compliance for demonstrable traceability and record keeping to pass your next audit.


Integrate with existing ERP/MES systems to record data across your operations.

Ready To Put Your Data To Work?

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