Process Solutions provides industrial and collaborative robot integration services utilizing industry leading robot platforms.

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Utilizing industrial robots from the top robot manufacturers, Process Solutions provides robot integration service and custom robot control systems for a wide range of applications, such as pick and place, palletizing, packaging, machine tending, and end of arm tooling.


Collaborative robots, or cobots, allow for safe and direct collaboration with humans on various tasks. At Process Solutions, we design, build, and program collaborative robot systems by utilizing the latest cobot models combined with standard control panel technology and custom software solutions.

Our offerings include power and force limiting, safety monitored stop, speed and separation, and hand guided collaborative robots.

collaborative robot systems


Process Solutions team of experienced engineers design efficient robot work cell layouts to help manufacturers realize optimal production output from their robots and equipment. Our additional services include full reach analysis, robot sizing, end-effector design, and proof of concept demonstrations.

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For over 30 years, Process Solutions has been designing and building UL control panels for a wide range of industries and applications. Our experience, specialized tooling, and production capacity allow us to take on any size project and deliver a consistently high-quality system every time. Process Solutions also provides PLC and HMI programming services.

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Process Solutions offers SCADA & MES software with all robot control systems. Our software provides users with data analytics, real-time system monitoring, IIoT device integration, alarming notifications, and remote access. Integration of new systems with most existing plant control platforms and production lines is also possible.

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Process Solutions utilizes Cognex vision technology in all our vision systems. Cognex 2D vision allows for part inspection, identification, and guidance, while enhanced 3D vision options deliver even greater accuracy of surface feature measurements.

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We provide numerous remote and on-site services to our customers, including software upgrades, troubleshooting, hardware replacement, and feature additions. Our staff size provides us flexibility to quickly respond to standard time frames and emergency service.


Process Solutions provides installation services, as well as system start-ups. Our staff will travel anywhere in the world to help you get your system up and running. We start up hundreds of systems per year, and our licensed electricians on staff can pull permits as needed.


Our Engineering and CAD department can create a wide range of documents, including functional specifications, software design documents, test manuals, O&M manuals, P&ID, system drawings, and network drawings. Drawings for FDA level documents are a particular specialty.


Process Solutions software designers are equipped to handle any size job. We structure our program code to be easily read by both customers and engineers, making support and system upgrades fast and easy.


Process Solutions builds over 3,000 panels per year. Our high-volume model makes our technicians experts in the field and provides our customers with an industry leading experience. Efficient manufacturing practices, mixed with automated manufacturing equipment, allows for quick and consistent job completion.


Creation of custom designs for new and legacy systems. All drawings are template based using automatic CAD macros. Our techniques create an efficient design process with recognizable and easy to understand drawings.