Process Solutions provides a range of machine automation services including industrial robot integration, motion control, augmented reality, and vision systems.

Industrial Robots

Utilizing industrial robots from industry leading robot manufacturers, Process Solutions provides industrial robot integration services and custom robot control systems. We provide robot integration services for a wide range of applications, such as pick and place, palletizing, packaging, machine tending, and end of arm tooling.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots allow for safe and direct collaboration with humans on various tasks. Process Solutions designs, builds, and programs collaborative robot systems  for various applications, including power and force limiting, safety monitored stop, speed and separation, and hand guided collaborative robots.

Robot Cell Layout & Services

Process Solutions team of experienced engineers design efficient robot work cell layouts to help manufacturers realize optimal production output from their robots and equipment. Our additional machine automation services include full reach analysis, robot sizing, end-effector design, and proof of concept demonstrations.

Vision Systems

Process Solutions utilizes the latest hardware and software technology in every vision system we produce. A 2D vision system allows for in-depth parts inspection and identification, while enhanced 3D vision systems deliver precision guidance capabilities, volume measurement, and the identification of defects on curved and circular surfaces.

Augmented Reality

Process Solutions offers augmented reality systems for use in industrial manufacturing applications. Manufacturers utilize augmented reality systems for numerous applications, which include assembly guidance and simulation, maintenance and repair with component identification and a heads-up display of related information, training, and quality control purposes.

Motion Control

Process Solutions offers motion control system design and build services utilizing PLCs, motion controllers, PCs, VFDs, and servos. Our capabilities include the development of open and closed-loop systems for a wide range of industrial motion applications, including robotics and conveyor lines.

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