PanelReady control panels are pre-built and designed multi-motor starter panels available in both 30 amp and 60 amp configurations. Each configuration provides overload and short circuit protection for motors, as well as, pad lockable disconnects, and door mounted 2-position maintained selector switches.

Process Solutions designed PanelReady to be a modular system that utilizes the same components that we’ve used in thousands of electrical control panels every year. By excluding proprietary parts, PanelReady is easier to service, parts are more readily available, and each control panel has greater durability and reliability.

PanelReady 30Amp multi-motor starter control panel


  • Support for up to 3 motors
  • Maximum 7.5 hp per motor
  • 15hp max of combined motors
  • Fuses & overloads configured to motor specs
  • 20 x 16 x 8 NEMA 4 mild steel enclosure
  • Pad lockable disconnect switch
  • UL listed
PanelReady 60Amp multi-motor starter control panel


  • Support for up to 6 motors
  • Maximum 7.5hp per motor
  • 32.5hp max of combined motors
  • Fuses & overloads configured to motor specs
  • 20 x 20 x 8 NEMA 4 mild steel enclosure
  • Pad lockable disconnect switch
  • UL listed


Our inventory of pre-built 30AMP and 60AMP PanelReady multi-motor starter panels are available for purchase upon request. Express shipping options are available for those who require faster delivery times. 


Realizing a streamlined purchasing process was possible for simple control applications, Process Solutions created PanelReady as a fast and easy approach to buying a control panel.

The idea behind PanelReady is to take advantage of certain panel designs that are both simple and occur often enough that it makes sense to standardize and mass-produce them. By creating standardized panels, we were able to reduce costs and production time, while increasing the speed of delivery.

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