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Process Solutions Commissions New Control Panel For Hydroelectric Dam

A Northwest customer approached Process Solutions to design and build a new control panel for the Powerhouse of an existing Hydroelectric dam. Construction of the dam was completed in 1959, which meant the existing powerhouse had legacy control technology mixed with new technology that had been added throughout the years.

One of the design challenges was that the control panel enclosure needed to be a modular. The hallway into the existing control room was only 50 inches wide, so each section had to be designed to fit within these constraints. Process Solutions designed a modular, 14 section walk through control panel that could be assembled on-site and fit in the limited space of the control room. Each of the 14 sections of the new control panel were constructed in Process Solutions’ 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space in Stanwood, WA. The sections were then fully assembled, wired and tested prior to transportation and  installation at the Dam.

The 50″ wide hallway leading into the existing control room.

The existing powerhouse control panel enclosure wiring had become brittle and out of spec with current electrical code. (existing)

Once customer FAT testing was complete, the control panel sections were completely disassembled and crated for transportation to the hydroelectric dam. Once on-site, the 14 sections were separately lowered by crane into the powerhouse, and subsequently moved into the control room to be re-assembled and commissioned by Process Solutions engineers.